Ania Mitan | Senior Vice President and Managing Director - Drug Information Association

client stories Jul 07, 2021

Ania had made a switch into the non-profit sector and wanted to get to grips with what success in the role looked like, both for her and the organization. She worked with Shannon through our Grow Influence program.


After 25 years working in profit organisations, and a lot of experience in different geographies, I’d made the switch a non-profit. I wanted support with this new role and to better understand what sustainability looked like in a healthcare setting.


"I spent time with Shannon trying to understand what success would look like in this new role, what the key elements of my new job were and the what was important for both the organisation and me as an individual."

Based on those discussions we developed a 90-day plan, mapping out a number of sessions together with each focusing on one particular area of that plan. We’d also define the objectives I wanted to achieve for each session, and the follow-up actions.

The roadmap we built together focused on questions like:

  • Who are the most important stakeholders?
  • What is the network that I need to map out once I enter a new organisation, both internally but also externally?
  • How do I create a connection with those important people with the network?
  • How do I get them engaged in the critical conversations about what success looks like for them, and for me in the in the first 90 days in the organisation?

I really had to spend a good amount of time trying to understand what is important for the people who've been there for quite some time, and who had certain expectations about the new person joining.


Through my work with Shannon I was able to develop a really clear understanding of myself and then better communicate with my organisation as a result, which has thousands of people working in healthcare all around the world. By being persistent and inquisitive she helped me to dig deep and be really clear about my goals and how to make them happen.

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