Victoria Moorehouse | Group Climate Change Lead - Kingfisher

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Victoria made the change from a Big 4 management consultancy with an interim step at the Sustainable Restaurant Association.


I knew that I wanted to channel my energy and skills from almost 10 years of management consulting into an area I genuinely cared about. Sustainability seemed like the perfect option, but I wasn’t sure how to start focusing my search in a sector that ranges from eco-tourism to green infrastructure. I had worked in the food and waste area for the Olympics as a second from Deloitte and wanted to explore how this could translate into a role in the impact sector.


 The first step was to demystify the sustainability landscape by breaking it down into manageable chunks such as sector, function, and issues. I felt like once I understood my target market and their issues better, I could see how an interim step would make my transition more feasible.

"Shannon then helped me to reflect and do some in-depth thinking about what I actually wanted out of a career and put together skills sets, work culture and interests."

She offered insight into the sustainability job market and tailored my CV with compelling achievement statements translating my past experience for my new audience.


With Shannon’s help I was able to do a more focused search, gain better knowledge of the sector and design a clear personal story that in turn allowed me to launch my career in sustainability at the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Since that first job change, Shannon has also coached me into my current dream role as CR Manager at Costa Coffee.

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