Top Three Recruiter Tips for Interviewing

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Hi, this is Shannon Houde from Walk of Life Coaching coming to you today with my three top tips for interview prep.

The past week, I've done three exciting mock interviews with people looking for an ED role at a charity, a CSO at a big corporate, and also an MD at a consultancy. And the themes of the advice I've given to all three of those recently has been the same.

First one is prepare, make sure you have your competency based interview questions, ready, what you think they're going to ask you and then prepare your answers in advance. This is absolutely crucial, because you need to know exactly which ones you're going to pull from your portfolio of achievements over your career and which one you're going to use for each of their different skill questions.

Secondly, make sure that before you go into the room, of course, you're going to arrive early, take three minutes to go into the restroom, and do a breathing exercise, and give yourself positive thoughts and repeat those over and over so that you can start to get some oxygen into your blood system. But also give yourself that brain training of positivity.

And the third one is, feel free to speak slowly. And this is not always easy, because when we're nervous, we tend to speed up our speech. So speak slowly and keep your answers relatively short. Under two minutes. If the interviewer wants to have you expand, they'll ask a follow up question. So it's better that than you droning on and on and on and not sounding like you have your executive presence and you're able to be concise.

So those are my three top tips, prepare, do a breathing exercise and speak slowly and shortly. And that's it for me if you need help with any of your interviews, which is an exciting time for all jobseekers, please reach out I'd be happy to support you. Thanks again.