Take my empathy challenge!

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Video Transcript:

Here we are on a beautiful sunny day out in the Common, where I get to walk my little doggy every morning on my birthday, wanting to share with you a few bits of advice about empathy.

We are hosting our first empathy workshop this week and are very excited about the new content. And one thing I've realized in doing the research for it is how difficult it is for us us to just listen when someone tells us a problem or has a challenge. And as a coach, it's very difficult. We just have to respond with answering back what we think we've just heard as best as we can in the language that they're using.

And it's really difficult to do this.

So I challenge you this week when someone tells you a problem or has an issue, or comes to you for advice, to just pause before you answer and try not to offer a solution, but rather just repeat back. What they've just said to you so they know they've been heard, because half of it is just wanting to be heard and listened to. And that helps us then solve our own problems or come up with our own solutions.

You don't have to have all the answers and you don't have to have all the solutions.

See, it's much easier this way. Let me know how you get on, and have a great week.