Salary Negotiation - Part 1

salary negotiation video - tips Dec 16, 2022

Video Transcript:

Hello and happy holidays from me, Shannon Houde at Walk of Life Coaching.

As we come to the end of the year, I'm very excited to say that lots of my clients have been getting final interviews and even landing jobs and asking questions about how to negotiate salary. So my top tip is to not rush. Oftentimes, employers or recruiters are going to pressure you into giving them a number really early on in the process, which could potentially kick you out of the process. So I always say come in with your number as the bottom number of a big range, so try to keep it as vague as possible.

So if you want $100K, go in and ask for $100-150. So keep a pretty big range. And also you can say things like, well, it depends on the total comp package because total comp obviously is with all your benefits and there could be 401 or pension, depends on the holiday time and vacation. So it really depends on what is the total comp package. But I'd always give a range.

And don't worry if that does knock you out, it probably means it's not the right level role or it's not the right organization, but at least at that point you have an opportunity to get higher than your base number.

So good luck. You can do this. Go in and ask for what you're worth and believe that you're worth it. So have a lovely holiday season and good luck negotiating.


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