Practice mindfulness by using your tongue

emotional intelligence leadership video - tips Apr 20, 2018

Hello, it's Shannon again. And Happy Friday.

I'm here in my home office in the back garden, enjoying the sunshine and wondering, is it time yet for my chocolate fix? So I encourage you to pause the video for a minute and go get a piece of chocolate and then come back.

And once you've got it, look at the wrapper. Feel the wrapper. Look at the a pretty design on the wrapper. Look at the ingredients. Don't look at the fat content or the calories. Listen to the crinkle.

Take a piece, put it in your mouth. And before you eat it, before you start chomping on it and swallowing it and grabbing the next bite, slowly let it melt on your tongue and see how it tastes. Enjoy and savor the taste.

It will actually help you to enjoy not only that one piece of chocolate, but the next few moments in your day. Because you're present and you're really listening to your senses. You're feeling, you're touching and you're tasting.

You are, in fact, practicing mindfulness while enjoying a piece of chocolate. Have a fabulous weekend.

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