Finding your dream job and dream date – Part 2

career change video - tips Dec 02, 2014

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Shannon Houde, founder and career coach at Walk of Life Consulting. This is part two of finding your dream guy and your dream job. The first part, we looked at how to identify your audience and step into their shoes to understand their criteria. So in this part, we're looking at how to actually get your dream job or your dream date. First, you need to sell yourself with confidence.

It's really hard to write about yourself, I know that. And to put it down in black and white and then put it out there on a public venue like or LinkedIn is really scary. So what I say is go out and do a little bit of research first and talk to your friends and family and find out what they love about you, why you're great. Sometimes getting other people's perspectives is really motivating and will help you build your confidence. So next, you want to make it really unique and fun and appealing for your audience.

An example recently was a sailor that I worked with, and she had traveled all over the world by boat and is also a marine biologist. So we thought, what did she really do? Well, she's really a champion of the sea at all levels, above and below the water. So instead of calling her a sustainability manager or a stakeholder engagement specialist, we said, what does she really do? She's a sea champion.

So it was fun just to come up with something a little more specific and unique that will make her memorable in the market. And the second tip for today is to make it conversational. A lot of times when we put our pen to paper, things get really formal and kind of serious. But actually, if you're writing a love letter or you're writing a cover letter, you want your personality to come out. You want that authentic voice to come out.

So think of yourself like a character in a blog. You want your audience to click through to open that message or that profile, to use concise, punchy and catchy language that makes me want to get to know you on paper and then makes me want to call you for that date or that interview.

Good luck. Your dream job and your dream guy do exist out there, so it's up to you to make it happen.


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