Finding your dream job and dream date - Part 1

career change job search resources video - tips Aug 29, 2014

Video Transcript:

So we're going to focus on a two part series here, where the first bit is getting clear about what you want. And the second part of our series is focusing on how you get what you want. So today I'm going to walk you through two steps to get clear about what you want. The first one is you need to identify your audience, right? So who is it that you want to be hiring you and who is it you want to be dating?

And finding out all those criteria that are in your dreams, mapping them out, writing them all down, dream big, think about everything that matters to you and put it all down on a piece of paper. Then you get to put the criteria in order of priority. What are the things that are nice to have and what are the things that are must haves? Once we get narrowed down to exactly what it is we want, it's easier for us to go out and test that against the market. So is it that you want a non smoker who teaches taichi?

Or is it that you want to be able to bike, to work, and have a window by your office? Whatever it is, write it down. This is your chance to think big and then we'll bring you down to reality in the next few steps. So the second step is to put yourself in the shoes of that hiring manager or that tall, dark guy. Think about what it is that they really want.

What are their criteria? Empathy is an important bit to finding your match, whether it's in career or in love. So if you look online, find out what those guys are all looking for, what is in their profiles, same thing with your job search. Take that job description and map it out. Unpack it, rewrite it, and find out exactly what it is that the market is looking for.

Then you can map yourself and your criteria to their and see where there's any gaps and see where you could stretch a little bit in how you're selling yourself. You want to be able to translate what you're offering into the language of that hiring manager or that future dream guy.


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