3 Things That Make a Resilient Jobseeker

career change emotional intelligence video - tips Mar 02, 2020

Video Transcript: 

Hello, this is Shannon Houde of Walk of Life Coaching.

Today I'd like to talk to you about three things that I think make up a resilient jobseeker.

The first one is how do you approach uncertainty? So that could be uncertainty about the jobs market, it could be uncertainty about the economy, it could be uncertainty about applications that you've sent in.

How do you approach approach that? Do you think of things as the glass half empty or half full? Are you able to really be present in the present moment? Are you able to address your life as a day by day challenge instead of feeling overwhelmed by things that you don't control? So that's the uncertainty piece.

The second one is sense of self. How are you able to overcome any self-limiting beliefs, any personal challenges or discomfort you have with having to market yourself? Are you able to put on a positive hat and boost your own self confidence so that you can stay motivated in what can be a rather long job seeker process? And the third one is how do you respond to failure?

So part of the jobseeker process is we are going to get rejected from some applications. We are going to sometimes not get called back or get the feedback that we want. And we'll maybe feel a little bit like we're taking it personally rather than using it as a way to say, okay, maybe that one wasn't the right one for me anyway. And using it to fuel your motivation and your momentum, to keep reaching out to people in your network and keep applying to more roles.

So those are the three things, I think, that make a resilient jobseeker. If you need help building your own resilience, please reach out.

I would love to work with you.

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