They've offered you the job! Now what?

career change salary negotiation

You’ve sent through a brilliant application. You’ve charmed them at interview. Now they’ve offered you the job. Great!

Hold on though. You’re not quite done.

Now it’s time to negotiate.

Yes, I know, talking numbers can be an awkward and nerve-wracking experience. We all know that slightly sick feeling when the salary they offer is way below expectations and you know you’ve got to push them up or walk away from the opportunity.

But take a deep breath. You should never accept a remuneration package that leaves you feeling undervalue. And it doesn’t need to be that hard either.

Here are three things I would always tell my clients to do to make sure they get a salary that reflects their value.

Don’t rush. Don’t talk numbers until after the hiring manager offers you a salary. Just hold-tight. Recruiters may pressure you early on to reveal your current earnings but be vague and give them a range instead.

Know your worth. A few online tools can help you have a minimum salary in mind:,, and are good places to start.

Make it bigger than you. Imagine a family member or friend who would be proud or inspired to hear you stepped up. If it helps, you can even take it a step further and pretend to negotiate on behalf someone else.