Stephanie Cárdenas | Senior Manager Sustainability & ESG Services - Deloitte

client stories Jun 23, 2021

Stephanie wanted to make an impact globally and is now influencing corporate, investor and governmental action to towards a forests positive future.


I wanted to transition to a new role that was aligned with my purpose and my values.

The market was going through an uncertain time and I was not sure how to stand out. I knew I needed to do something different to show hiring managers I had the skills to achieve impactful results.


Having Shannon as a coach to work through the Shift Careers + Land the Job program with, and to have as a front row “supporter”, was extremely valuable.

She brought a different perspective and helped me put all the pieces of my career puzzle together to showcase the value of my experience and skills in a concise and clear manner.

"Shannon taught me how to strategically grow and use my professional network to look for new opportunities. I gained the confidence needed to apply for new roles and gained clarity in my professional journey."

I wanted to have a sustainability role, in the food and nature intersection in which I could influence global change.


Shannon's guidance and tips for the interview process made me stand out from other candidates and helped me get the role I was looking for.

My LinkedIn profile continuously is getting requests and head hunters have been able to find me.

Shannon is an expert at finding your talent and makes sure she can bring that visibility to others. You learn to speak the same language as recruiters/hiring managers and that is powerful skill.

You can read more about Stephanie's "day in the life" on our Greenbiz Purpose & People column here.

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