Sarah Beaubien | US Managing Director, Quantis, Environmental Services

client stories Oct 05, 2021

Sarah was in-house at Tillamook dairy co-op as a sustainability lead and then moved to be US Managing Director of consultancy, Quantis after completing our Shift Careers program.

The challenge

I was at a crossroads in my career and was casting too wide of a net. I needed to pivot and then get more focused. I realized that I should rely more on my diverse network and get more comfortable with self-promotion. I wanted to land somewhere that was being ambitious, where I saw that I could be part of impactful change. And, I wanted to build something.

The solution

I was casting too wide a net and Shannon helped me narrow my focus. I was able to completely re-frame my experience to focus on accomplishments and outcomes, rather than companies where I had worked.

"I re-positioned myself in a way that hiring managers could see my value, rather than just a timeline of my career."

Shannon then helped me to better market myself, to focus more on accomplishments that proved my four key skills than on the chronological story. She taught me to customize each CV that I sent to align with the specifics of the job posting.

Shannon included the behavioral skills, what she calls Traits and Values that rounded out my hard skills – this balance is important. I now hire for personality and passion, as it is easier to teach the hard skills. The soft skills are more often more important in a job that hard skills.


Shannon helped me land an opportunity at Quantis, a company I respect very much, where I am getting to build the US team and focus on growth and agility.

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