Podcast: Full Circle: Finding Your Way Home - How to Build a Purpose-Driven Career

career change podcast Mar 13, 2023

Throughout the conversation on the Full Circle podcast, we delve into the importance of self-confidence, finding your true calling, and the unexpected benefit of having a professionally written CV. Shannon also provides practical tips for job seekers and emphasizes the power of setting intentions in achieving career goals. If you are looking to build a career that makes a difference to the world, then tune in and be sure to take notes.

“As we get to the peak of our careers, sometimes we give too much and we don’t know our own boundaries, we don’t know how to say ‘no’ in a polite way that we still going to be respected. And we give, and give, and give until we burn out”. – 09:42

“When you’re really low and you really have a tough time, see it like a golden nugget because it will make you stronger”. – 11:35

“There’s a lot of different times in our life that are reflection points. I think it’s important to constantly be regrouping with yourself and checking in”. – 18:18

“Where I see my coaching clients really transform is after writing a CV. They see themselves in a different way. We are kind of crafting it in a way that makes people feel proud of what they’re achieved”. – 35:47

“There’s a huge power to setting intentions. If there was one piece of advice it would be set an intention. Be specific, be clear with yourself what you want, and then tell the universe. You’ll be surprised what comes back”. – 43:26

00:00 – Introducing Shannon
04:09 – Sustainability and corporate responsibility consulting08:38 – Shannon’s love for writing CVs and resumes
10:55 – Discovering the power of meditation
16:20 – “Walk of life” explained22:00 – Shannon’s course 25:22 – What Shannon learnt along her journey
29:29 – Reflections on self-worth
35:20 – Exploring self-confidence
37:55 – Discussing your North Star
39:25 – Tips for job seeking
43:33 – The power of setting an intention
45:59 – Ordering Shannon’s book
46:11 – Connecting with Shannon

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