Mario Gonzalez | Responsible Business Senior Advisor, CEMEX, Building Materials

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Mario knew he couldn’t create scalable change all alone. He wanted a trusted advisor he could call at any stage of his career development.


I wanted a coaching partner at my side along my whole career journey

Over the last 10 years Shannon has supported me at three key stages of my professional development:
1. I was looking for my second job out of undergraduate studies in social impact in Mexico.
2. Once I was in my dream job I needed to continue developing my influencing skills in stakeholder engagement, public speaking, and emotional intelligence leadership.
3. In 2017, I had a big challenge to shift the mindsets about shared value of 500 cross-functional team members across 12 countries.


Whether I was changing jobs or growing leadership skills, Shannon always used her lens of empathy and challenging questions to help me grow.

Career Coaching
Shannon helped me to position myself very early on in my career to land my dream job in social innovation and CSR at CEMEX where I have been since 2009.
Executive Mentoring
She has stayed a critical friend and strategic partner over the last 10 years providing executive and professional development coaching to me and my team members as well as helping write policies for diversity and inclusion and CSR.
Shannon created public speaking opportunities for me to build my personal brand at industry conferences and coached me on how to prepare and deliver compelling workshops.
Organizational Consulting
Shannon not only co-curated the engaging 2-day workshops but also co-delivered them live with me across Europe and the Carribean.


Together we shifted mindsets and created scalable impact.

Shannon has been instrumental in helping me to have the scalable impact as a changemaker, from my early career to developing into an influential leader in social innovation. She supported me in creating the career I dreamed of, growing skills within that and advising me and my team on how to be more strategic and build engagement across a complex organization.