Mario Gonzalez | Responsible Business Senior Advisor - CEMEX

client stories Mar 30, 2021

Mario had been tasked with rolling out a global social impact strategy when he began working with Shannon. He was looking for advice on how to connect, empathise with and empower teams around the world.


I was in a new role as responsible business manager at Cemex at the time that Shannon and I worked together where I had to roll out a responsible business strategy from the company’s headquarters in Mexico across different countries and different people. My challenge was establishing a common language and common understanding across all these different teams on how to implement a social impact strategy.


There were three different areas in which Shannon and I worked together. One was how to improve my influence and leadership within the organisation. The second was how to improve my facilitation skills, and the third area was empowerment.

"Shannon helped me to develop some strategic approaches to empower my different peers across different countries."

I needed to work on how to work my own self-awareness and self-management of emotions in such a way that I could really empathise with people, and make my message more proactive and co-create with these people in a way that it could work for all of us. I learned how to work cross functionally and cross culturally with different people and manage these relationships in a way that we could move forward together.

She provided me not only the feedback that I needed to manage my emotional intelligence, but also the feedback that I needed to manage or to improve my facilitation skills, which was key to empowering those countries and those teams so they could undertake their own social impact strategies.


At the end of the workshop series with Shannon I left feeling empowered and more confident. It also gave me a different perspective about my career. I discovered ways in which I could feel more fulfilled in my career and now I'm running my own business.

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