Femininity can be a superpower in the workplace

leadership market insights Mar 08, 2023

Femininity can be a superpower in the workplace.

In this fascinating interview with Dalia Feldheim, the author talks about how we all need to embrace classically feminine traits – such as emotion, teamwork and intuition – in order to tackle some really fundamental issues we have in the world of work right now.

According to consultants Gallup, 85% of people are unhappy in their work. And 20% are so unhappy they’re making other people unhappy.

This toxic environment is one of the big drivers behind the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ and it’s something everyone in leadership needs to have firmly on their radar.

For Feldheim, adopting more feminine traits within leadership styles is part of the solution. How can you manage a remote team if you don’t have empathy? How can you spot the reasons for dissatisfaction without intuition?

I couldn’t agree more. For too long these feminine traits have been seen as signs of weakness or softness. But they’re a crucial part of any leaders’ toolkit, male or female, and we need to start embracing them more in the office.

Big thanks to my wonderful client Lynn Simon for sharing this article which spoke to her own workplace superpowers.

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