Tim Mohin | Partner and Director - Boston Consulting Group

client stories Jul 07, 2021

With more than three decades spent working in sustainability, Tim felt like he’d reached a plateau and wanted support in plotting a course for his career going forward.


I have been in the sustainability field for more than 35 years but felt like I’d plateaued. I had worked with the government, three Fortune 200 companies and had been CEO of the Global Reporting Initiative. With all that experience, I was looking for a person who not only knew executive coaching, but also knew the specifics of the job market within sustainability.


The foundation of an executive coaching session is behavioural - understanding what drives people, what triggers people, how they behave in the workplace, and where they may have blind spots and want to improve - that's where Shannon excels.

But she's also quite practical when it comes to identifying opportunities that fit with a person's objectives within their skill set and experience.

So we worked on both sides, looking at my overall skill set and how I can improve and also look at specific job opportunities.

One critical area was emotional intelligence – it’s critically important to become aware of yourself and how you’re perceived. So many of us have those blind spots that we carry with us into the workplace.

"Working with Shannon helped identify those EQ areas and develop the emotional skill set to improve and be more successful."


Serendipitously I was recruited for a Chief Executive role while I was working with Shannon. She was able to pivot her approach and help me develop an understanding of the more deep intrinsic traits around what gives me satisfaction in the workplace. That helped lead me to create a set of clear objectives to map out my course going forward into this senior role.

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