Sandy Eapen | Founder - Eapen Impact

client stories Jul 07, 2021

Sandy was looking to transition her career away from financial services to a more impactful role. With a diverse set of experiences on her resume though, she was looking for support through our Shift Careers program in finding her niche and ensuring she was competitive.


When I first started working with Shannon, I was a Director at a large financial services company, American Express, in a strategy, product, and customer facing role. I really wanted to transition my career back into something that was more impactful, in corporate sustainability or ESG. But my challenge was, how do I bring together the diverse set of experiences I have and really tailor my background to make more competitive for sustainability roles?


Developing a more crisp, tailored resume really helped me to be competitive. That meant better messaging and refining my profile to better reflect my strengths and my experiences, and packaging it in such a way that would be relevant for sustainability.

I also worked with Shannon in helping to craft my personal brand and reflect that through my LinkedIn profile, my bio and my resume.

"Doing that gave me the confidence to be able to apply for roles, and better speak to my experience, especially when networking."

The process also really helped me to focus and tailor my search in terms of the types of roles and industries where I would be a good fit.


I landed a great role at a leading sustainability organisation called BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). While I was there I led much of our work with financial services members, which was a really great fit, and I also helped them build new sustainability programs, strategies, develop stakeholder engagement and reporting. I was really able to leverage my strengths.

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