Nate Ernest-Jones | Business Partner Development, Energy Efficiency Group - Eversource Energy

Nov 14, 2023
Nate Ernest-Jones

Nate reframed a business and financial career into a de-carbonization context.  He was struggling with knowing where he fit into the market.  He worked with Shannon through the Shift Careers program to grow his clarity and reposition himself for the energy sector.


Wanting to pivot my skill-set to the sustainability field, I was seeking clarity on the different pathways in the space.  Surprised by how many roles were out there, I wanted to re-frame my consulting experience for my next role.  My scope was initially limited to the ubiquitously posted “ESG consultant role”; but there are so many more paths out there and market entry points to explore.


Market & targeting:

Shannon helped me understand the various roles and tracks that are out there and would best fit me.  Most helpful was what not to pursue because I could have wasted a lot of time pursuing roles that didn’t make sense.

Our coaching sessions and the back-up material from the course helped me define the role I was looking for.  At the onset, I didn’t know what sector I was going to target apart from a role that was environmentally/sustainability-focused.


Translating my story:

Strategically the resume review and LI profile were big overhauls and were the most challenging.  I asked Shannon to not go easy on me, to challenge me on every word and push back on the language.  Shannon helped refine my semantics for the new audience.

Shannon pushed me for clarity and details on paper about my past work experience which then helped me apply this questioning for my future audience.  I was able to play out scenarios for various potential roles, asking myself “well what does that really look like” in a future context?

Foundation & momentum:

The job-hunting process is exhausting, discouraging, messy and non-linear at times. 

Having an accountability partner like Shannon and building on next steps together maintains a momentum and makes it easier to stay the course.  And harder to stop!

Shannon helped facilitate the self-commitment required of the job hunt. 

Network to success:

Marketing tools were done and I felt way more confident!  Now what to do with it and how to get out there?

Like most I spent time networking on LinkedIn. While there’s merit to this, I ultimately decided to focus on what I knew best: local, in-person networking. Specifically with two groups including the Environmental Business Coalition of New England.  Post covid these groups were starting to meet up again in-person.  I threw any & all events on the calendar.

Serendipity of networking:

Admittedly – I love telling this story.

I ended up attending an event at my now employer, Eversource, and by chance I met the President at the sign in desk.  I jumped on their job board while sitting at the event and saw the job I wanted.  The day after the event I found him on LinkedIn, sent him a note that I applied for the role, and he replied within the day. It evolved from there. It was this combination of in-person connections with LinkedIn follow up that got me in the door.  And my profile was done so I didn’t have to scramble to get it all ready.  (Later I found out that the role had been posted for 2 years! They were purposefully seeking someone with an entrepreneurial, business mindset.) 

"The Shift Careers course got me market ready.  Local in-person networking opened the doors.  My strengthened confidence helped me to land it."


The program, and Shannon, helped to bring order to chaos. Having a coach like Shannon in my corner gave me job market clarity and the tough love I needed to stay the course. 

It couldn’t have turned out better. My mission is clear and my impact is now direct - the better I am at my job the more buildings are decarbonized.


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