Michael Davies | Senior Director, ESG Consulting - FrameworkESG

client stories Jul 07, 2021

Having been in the same role for over a decade, Michael was concerned he may not have the right set of skills and knowledge for the fast-changing sector. He was looking to refine his CV through our Shift Careers + Land the Job program to give him a better chance at the right role.


Prior to meeting, Shannon I’d been working with a large industrial company for about a decade. I’d learned a great deal but I wanted to shift out of that role. I was worried that my knowledge had become too narrow though and my skills may not translate when the industry is constantly changing and evolving.


"What was so useful to me was working through Shannon’s framework and process for putting together a pitch to a prospective employer: how to make the approach and the specific tools to use."

For example, in one exercise you take a job description and rewrite it in a very methodical way to understand exactly what the company is looking for and then rearrange your CV in such a way that it targets those specifically.

My approach before had been to approach CVs as a way to show prospective employers, ‘here’s a bunch of stuff of done.’ And one of the insights Shannon provided to me was that companies aren’t really interested in that, they want to know can I fill their needs for a particular role.

The way that she puts together resources makes that process much easier, very targeted, and ultimately very successful.


The work with Shannon helped me figure out quite quickly exactly what type of company I was looking for and so I was able to have a really targeted approach. And because of that, I found a great leadership role in ESG within three months of working with Shannon!

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