Matt Abbott | Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability - VF Corporation

client stories Jul 26, 2023
matt abott

Matt has worked in sustainability since 2008 but was having trouble relating his career experience to hiring managers and professional network.


I wanted to navigate a career shift with an equity proposal. The 1:1 coaching work gave me a glimpse into Shannon’s expertise in negotiation and creating shared long-term value.

Together we updated my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. I also reviewed Walk of Life’s most current Career Journey information.


Shannon provides a unique combination of context and relatability. In each instance that I have worked with her, I have gained a greater understanding of the market I work in, my value in that market, and how to better convey that value to key decision makers.

Shannon and her team do the work to deeply understand the market they operate in. The quality of their information is excellent and thoughtfully distilled. Beyond understanding the market, Shannon is an expert at the humans that operate in those systems. I can’t overstate how valuable this perspective is and how integral it has been to me in getting great outcomes.

My initial work with Shannon helped me establish a quality baseline. It helped me understand the current market, my place/value in the market, and to improve my collateral.

I have returned to Shannon to not only refresh my materials and understanding, but to expand my aperture. This has allowed me to dream bigger while making tangible and relatable progress towards that bigger vision.


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