Marcia Asare | Executive Director - The Walcot Foundation

client stories Jul 07, 2021
Marcia Asare

Having transitioned to a smaller team with less input, Marcia was looking for the space and time to carve out a plan for her role and the organization. She worked with Shannon through our Ensure Success program.


I’d come from a large organisation with over 1,000 staff to a team of seven, including myself. I was really looking for a way to work through some of my thoughts about the organization and so signed up for Shannon’s onboarding program.


I’d started a role as executive director at a charitable grant giving foundation and there was some work around strategic direction. Through my sessions with Shannon I was able to play back some of the thoughts I had on how we should restructure and tidy those up with her input which was invaluable.

"Every session I would go away with enough for one or two slide decks that developed all of my thoughts, with the language tightened up so it would really pop."

In a smaller organisation there’s an expectation to have some thoughts about where it’s going. But actually before you can share your thoughts, you kind to work it out yourself. And that's specifically what I was able to do, it was dedicated time for that.


I’m now at the stage where I’m able to share my thoughts with the team and with our trustees and know that it fits us as an organisation. I'm sharing a plan that I feel really confident with because I've shared it, and I've refined it, and I’ve spent time on it.

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