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client stories Jul 07, 2021
Ebru Ilhan

Ebru was struggling with a sense of imposter syndrome when starting a new role. She worked with Shannon through the Ensure Success program to grow her confidence, and establish herself as a strategic leader.


I wanted to ensure I had a successful start to a new role. I'm an immigrant, and I always feel a little out of place, especially in a large corporation. I was really feeling some impostor syndrome.


Shannon helped me navigate my first 90 days with more comfort. She helped me to find the right tools to onboard effectively, and to start building on those early conversations in ways that helped me really establish my own brand and to start leading with purpose.

She really helped me to be more strategic. By focusing on intentionality I realised that up until that point I was doing some things really well without necessarily taking the time to reflect on them to figure out what worked well and what didn't.

"With Shannon, I was able to really focus on being intentional, and being present in those moments."

She helped me capture all of that and to create a playbook for successful interactions.

Valuable tools that I got from our coaching sessions included references, books, articles and past practical experiences that she had worked with other people on. I also used her online programme.


The work with Shannon helped me build my own toolbox out of the many different resources that she had at her disposal. The most valuable takeaway from it was the feeling that I can do this. I belong here.

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