Chanta Williams | Senior Program Manager of External Relations & Strategic Partnerships - Whole Foods Foundations

client stories Jul 28, 2021

Chanta was on a mission to transition from non-profit to corporate social responsibility.


I was ready for a change! I desperately wanted to transition from a non-profit fundraiser to a corporate social responsibility role. I sought out Shannon and her Shift Careers program, because after working with two other career coaches, I realized how rare it was to find someone who understood the specific job-seeking challenges in the social responsibility sector. 

I had the unique opportunity to re-apply for an incredible role. It was a role I had received an interview for nine months earlier, but the Foundation decided not to fill it two hours before my interview. I was devastated. To have this opportunity cross my desk a second time felt like fate. I connected with Shannon because I wanted to ensure my resume and cover letter would reflect my abilities and get me to the interview phase again. The assets we developed did just that.

"I interviewed for the role and made it to the final round."

I was not selected, but when my dream opportunity came up six months later, I was prepared and landed the role!


Shannon and Walk of Life helped me understand the wide variety of roles and opportunities in philanthropy, identified my most relevant skills and strengths and helped me develop stand-out assets that adequately highlighted my career journey.


I was finally able to highlight my experiences in a way that caught the attention of a value-aligned company where there is long-term growth potential. Honestly, it's the first time I am truly happy in a role.

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