Anna Steffens | Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability - Ingram Micro

client stories Nov 26, 2021

Anna was in the final round interview for a dream job and wanted extra support to secure an offer and then hit the ground running in a new role.


I had been looking for a career transition for a few years and found myself in the final round for a dream job at a food start-up in Santa Barbara. I had been in several final round interviews for other roles but found that I kept coming in 2nd. Getting silver in the job search is hardly a comfort.

Also, once I landed the job, I wanted to make sure I set myself up for success in the first 90 days and to start to position for a promotion.


Shannon helped me sharpen my verbal pitch, testing responses to key interview questions that were believable and compelling. I had to deliver a 25-slide presentation and Shannon helped me to sense check it and sharpen it.

During final rounds of negotiating the offer, she then helped me with her Land the Job program to articulate confidently what I was bringing to the table and what my value was in order to best negotiate salary and potential for growth. I was making a lateral move (and from Europe-based corporate to a California-founded start-up) so wanted to ensure I was able to get on a pathway for promotion out of the gate, which I secured within 14 months.

In the Ensure Success onboarding coaching program, we defined together what the measures for success were that aligned to my boss’s objectives. Together we mapped internal stakeholder expectations so that I could tailor my approach to the unique workstyles and diverse audiences.

"I was able to build trust and credibility quickly despite home working my first 16 months."

I had the tools and confidence to influence my boss to move me from an Individual Contributor role into Associate Director level where I manage two Managers.


I had stagnated in my career, I was isolated from my family, and with Shannon’s help, I secured a job that reenergized my love of sustainability and my career while being able to move back closer to home near the beach. And I got promoted within the first year!

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