Angelina Skowronski | Commercial Manager, Marine Stewardship Council, Non profit

client stories

Angelina weaved her diverse experiences together to resonate for a new audience with a focus on ocean ecosystems.

The challenge

Figuring out where I belonged. I was confused and overwhelmed about my options and was throwing darts into the air. I have had such an eclectic background of mixed experiences and industries. I needed to figure out where best to go next in terms of the position and the organization that would be a good fit and where I would be happy.

The solution

Going through the process of the program built my confidence to know I was worthy of a good job and that all of my diverse experience had value and set me apart from other candidates.
The foundational exercises were an important part of the coaching course and made me realize I couldn’t just jump into the resume builder.
The “wow” factor for me came when I saw all of my past experiences on paper positioned to tell my diverse story that would impress a new target audience.


I ended up landing an amazing role as Commercial Manager managing external partnerships with a solid team at Marine Stewardship Council.

Shannon helped me look deeper into who I am and pull out the most unique and compelling characteristics that I needed to be competitive for my next career move.

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