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client stories Mar 30, 2020

Alissa wanted to rebrand herself — from non-profit into corporate and from being an Editor into wider communications.


I had been working on a transition into sustainability full time for 13 months. Despite having six years of sustainability experience with non-profits, activism, and my own initiatives, my professional background was an eclectic mix of communications/marketing/film producer/writer in the journalism and advertising fields. But my personal narrative felt random with sustainability sprinkled in, rather than showing that I have depth and breadth of knowledge and applicable skills.

When asked, “What do you do?” or “What are you looking for?” I couldn’t answer with confidence or sell myself. I didn’t even have direction as to my ideal role. Resignation was sinking in, and I knew I had so, so much more to offer than I was capable of displaying.


Shannon was instrumental in making me come alive on paper in a cohesive, highly effective narrative targeted at my industries of interest.

Through her Shift Careers program, she helped me develop a clear, powerful foundation of who I am as a professional, where I came from and where I’m going, in addition to soft skills I can use out in the world to pursue the job.

With the Dream Job Targeting tool, I was able to easily hone in on key issues, industry, role and qualities of my dream job. With that direction, we moved to creating a Functional CV with 10 accomplishment statements.

"Shannon coached me to define how I want to impact the world, the value I bring to the impact sector, and to leverage world-class tools to build my brand."

It was a full rebranding of myself as a Sustainability Communications Manager that — most importantly — was completely authentic and true to my voice. Then I was ready to go out in the world. I was able to create a killer 20-second Elevator Pitch that I could deliver in any situation and really have people “get” me, and want to know more. Lastly, we redid my entire LinkedIn to reflect the rebranding.


Recruiters are calling.

Since working with Shannon I have been approached by global companies to come interview, having others in the industry consult me for advice or opinions, and creating job opportunities with freedom and ease.

I had this in me all along but was just misfiring. Now I am ahead of the curve in applicant pools and am really able to be present in conversations as the confident professional I know I am. I’ll take these skills and tools with me for the rest of my career.

If this wasn’t enough, I’ll just say: Work with Shannon. It is 1,000% worth the investment.

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